Diesel Pressure Pump

A diesel pressure pump is a type of pump powered by a diesel engine that is capable of generating high pressure levels.
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High pressure pump HW250HF

Pressure range: 13-70MPa<br /> Flow range: 88-318L/min<br /> Specification: 1370*912*748<br />

High pressure pump HW250HFZ

Pressure range: 40-70MPa<br /> Flow range: 130-310L/min<br /> Specification: 1370*912*748<br />

High pressure pump K20000

Pressure range: 8-33MPa<br /> Flow range: 135-620L/min<br /> Specification: 1448*800*600<br />

High pressure pump K25000

Pressure range: 9-33MPa<br /> Flow range: 296-1007L/min<br /> Specification: 1505*818*595<br />

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