Pressure Pump For Cleaning

A pressure pump for cleaning is a specialized pump designed to generate high pressure water flow for effective cleaning tasks.
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High pressure pump HW250E

Pressure range: 152-275MPa<br /> Flow range: 36-67L/min<br /> Specification: 1468*865*602<br />

High pressure pump HW250HF

Pressure range: 13-70MPa<br /> Flow range: 88-318L/min<br /> Specification: 1370*912*748<br />

High pressure pump HW250HFZ

Pressure range: 40-70MPa<br /> Flow range: 130-310L/min<br /> Specification: 1370*912*748<br />

Why does the high-pressure pump not discharge water

High pressure pumps are suitable for high-pressure water descaling in crude oil, chemical plants, and organic fertilizer industries, as well as high-pressure water cleaning, scale cleaning, oil and gas field filling

The pressure loss of these components of the high-pressure cleaning machine will affect other parameters of the system

The pressure change of the high-pressure cleaning machine can affect other parameters of the system, and appropriate adjustment of the corresponding pressure parameters can reduce the pressure loss during the process of obtaining the optimal impact force

What are the main functions of high-pressure pumps for reverse osmosis?

Application industries: seawater desalination, chemical treatment, high-pressure low flow pumps, high-pressure cleaning, reverse osmosis water purification

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the operation mode of high-pressure cleaning pumps

High pressure cleaning pump is an efficient and energy-saving cleaning equipment used for cleaning heat exchangers or reactors and various pipelines in industries such as chemical plants, thermal power plants, sugar mills, paper mills, ships, etc.

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