High Flow High Pressure Pump

A high flow high pressure pump is designed to deliver both high pressure and a high volume of fluid flow.
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High pressure pump 3D3Q

Pressure range: 45-100MPa<br /> Flow range: 50-105L/min<br /> Specification: 1376*832*583<br />

High pressure pump 3DK

Pressure range: 19-78MPa<br /> Flow range: 27-95L/min<br /> Specification: 1117*596*590<br />

High pressure pump 132D single pump

Customized product Pressure range: 40-185Mpa<br /> Flow range: 26-79L/min<br /> Specification: 1262*730*547<br />

High pressure pump HW132E

Customized product Pressure range: 2-28Mpa<br /> Flow range: 95-230L/min<br /> Specification: 1262*657*560<br />

What are the main functions of high-pressure pumps for reverse osmosis?

Application industries: seawater desalination, chemical treatment, high-pressure low flow pumps, high-pressure cleaning, reverse osmosis water purification

How to maintain the high-pressure pump?

Maintenance is divided into two types: daily maintenance and regular maintenance. The content of daily maintenance includes checking whether the lubricating oil is sufficient

Determine the number and standby rate of high-pressure pumps

For normal operation of high-pressure pumps, usually only one is used, because one large high-pressure pump is equivalent to two small high-pressure pumps working in parallel

How to store high-pressure pumps during non use periods?

During non use periods, the high-pressure pump should be promptly lifted away from the water source and the accumulated water inside the high-pressure pump should be drained

How to repair the high-pressure pump?

If there is a malfunction in the high-pressure pump, the first thing to do is to immediately know where the malfunction is and blindly dismantle it; Secondly, the lack of specialized tools often

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