Vehicle derailment system

1, the use of Dongfeng DFH1180EX8 second class chassis country Ⅵ emissions, optimized design and improvement, reliable performance, energy saving and environmental protection;
2, the box seal is reliable, greatly reduce the "leakage";
3, the top equipment adopts 132KW Cummins water-cooled diesel engine to provide power source for the whole equipment, including high pressure pump force, vacuum fan force, hydraulic pump force, etc., optimized design makes it more compact.
4, 132D large high pressure piston pump. The product has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, light weight, high water power per unit weight, safe and reliable use.
5, the high-pressure vacuum fan in the same suction and air volume, smaller than the three-leaf blower, simple structure, easy to connect and so on.
6, the vehicle hydraulic system adopts the hydraulic superposition valve structure, and the hydraulic pipeline circulation is carried out inside the valve group to reduce the external hydraulic pipeline. Hydraulic oil cooling adopts high pressure pump water cooling, the structure is more optimized. The connection pipe between the valve group and the actuator adopts hard pipe connection, which makes the performance more reliable
7, the front-end actuator, using 5 hydraulic actuator, can control the plane cleaner in the radius of 2.5 meters free cleaning.
8, the transfer box adopts Rexroth hydraulic components imported from Germany, reliable performance. It can ensure that the vehicle travels at a low speed at 0-19m/min.
9, the reasonable matching ratio between the clean water tank and the sewage tank can ensure that the installation of each water purification and the sewage discharge time of several households are synchronized.
10, the remote operating system inside the cab can realize the remote operation of the complete set of mounted equipment, including the start/stop of the secondary engine, the high pressure pump pressure/unloading, the operation of the front-end actuator and the control of vehicle speed.
11. The front operation camera can monitor the road cleaning status in real time and store it in time to ensure that it can be seen.


Fully automatic tunnel cleaning system

Highway tunnels have a high traffic volume and are filled with dust. In addition, the adhesion of automobile exhaust oil stains is strong, making cleaning difficult. Especially, there are many dust and mud stains on the lower part of the fire resistant board wall in the tunnel, which cannot be completely


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